Care & Support

About the Counseling Center

Twin River's Counseling Center is a family-centered, mental health service that is available to anyone that is interested. We offer a broad range of mental health services that are provided by licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors as well as professionally trained lay-counselors. 

Our Mission

Twin Rivers Counseling Center is a non-profit ministry designed to serve people who have problems they cannot handle alone. It is our goal to promote personal, spiritual, and relational well-being and growth to the body of Christ and our community, through listening, caring and professional brief counseling. Our purpose is to help people experience the life that God intended for them. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of Counseling services they are:

  • Individual counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Pre-Marital counseling
  • Family/Group counseling
  • Children's counseling
  • Financial counseling

To schedule an appointment simply call us at (314) 787-7480 or email