Why should I get involved with life groups?

We believe real life change occurs when we “experience life together” with other believers. In a life group, you can expect to experience friendship, accountability, support and community.

How are life groups structured?

Our life groups are as varied as we are! Groups may be structured by gender, stage of life, age, interest or topic. We have a wide variety of groups from bible studies to support groups to social and outreach groups!

What can I expect when I attend a life group?

For those completing a bible study, we follow the ACTS 2 model. The book of ACTS records amazing growth of the first church in Jerusalem (Acts 2:42-47). Therefore, most groups include the following:

  • Teaching (Bible studies, DVDS, books, short devotions, etc.)
  • Connecting
  • Meal/Snacks (a meal/snacks are enjoyed by most groups)
  • Prayer

How often are life groups offered?

We have two main semesters per year: Fall and Winter/Spring. While most of our groups break for the summer, we do offer a limited number of groups for the Summer term.

How long do life group semesters last?

Fall: 12-13 Weeks

Winter/Spring: 12-16 Weeks

Summer: 8-10 Weeks

How do I join a life group?

Before the Semester: Prior to the start of each semester, we publish a Life Group guide that you can view online or pick up at church. We then follow that up with a sign-up day (e.g., after each service right in the lobby at church). To maximize your experience and because groups fill up quickly, we recommend signing up at the start of each term.

Through Connect Track: When you go through the Connect Track process, you will learn about the current life groups at Twin Rivers that have available spaces.

At Connect Central: You may stop by Connect Central on any given Sunday morning to get more information about our life group ministry and to sign up for a group.

When does my life group start?

Most fall life groups will begin the 1st or 2nd week of September. However, you will be contacted by your life group leader with the specific start date of your group, directions, what you need to bring (if anything), if you need to purchase any materials, etc.

How will I know which life group I'm in?

You will receive a confirmation email 1-2 days after you sign up that will have your group name and leader’s name. If the group you selected is at full capacity, you will be placed in another group of your choice or we will contact you to choose another group. You will also be able to stop by Connect Central on Sunday, August 3oth to find out which group you are in.

What if I want to remain in my current life group?

You are all set. You are automatically kept on the roster of your current group so you don’t need to sign up for your group again. However, there are so many wonderful life groups that you may also choose to be in an additional group. In that case, you will need to sign up for any new groups.

Can I sign up after this life group begins?

Absolutely! We recognize that you may be looking to a join a life group once the groups have already begun. Many groups remain open throughout the semester as space is available.

What if the group isn’t the right one for me?

No problem! We all have different styles and personalities and that is true for groups too. We want your group experience to be a positive one and that may mean trying one or two groups before you find that right fit. Contact us via email, through the website or by calling the church office to change your group assignment.